James Frazier

"...who are you? whooooo are you? I really want to know." The Who


My introduction to Dr. Stanislav Grof
After working as an addiction counselor, I had the great good fortune to meet and train and eventually work with Dr. Stanislav Grof, arguably the most gifted and world renowned transpersonal psychiatrist and psychological theorist ever to practice. 
In addition to his groundbreaking research, especially into the trauma of birth and the connection of birth with various neurotic  and even psychopathologial symptoms, he is the most important proponet of the importance of the spiritual dimension of the human psyche since C.G. Jung.

Jungian  and Neo-Jungian Studies
My discovery and connection to the research and teachings  of Dr. Grof also lead me to what has  now been a thirthy year quest to read and understand the work of the great Swiss paychiatrist Dr. C.G.Jung. Jung's was the only school of psychology that was broad enough to contatin the new material and discoveries from Dr. Grof's work. This study of Jung  in turn lead me to study with some of the best of the Neo-Jungian schools such as that of Dr. Robert Moore. Dr moore has extended Jung's great opus especially in the elaboration of the structure of the psyche.

I was in the first group to be certified by Dr. Grof to practice the experiential process known as Holotropic Breathwork that he, along with his wife Christina, developed as a non-drug approach to healing using non-ordinary states of consciousness. 
From 1986-1996, I was  leading holotropic breathwork workshops throughout the US and in other countries full time. I had stepped away from individual counseling to focus exclusively on Holotropic Breathwork. This was an extremely important decade for me and I gained a large amount of experience with this type of process.

Private Practice
By 1996 after ten years of study with Dr. Jung's material and six years of study with Dr. Robert Moore's Neo-Jungian Intregrative Psychology, I began to do psycho-spiritual work with individuals again and eventually reduced the number of workshops and seminars that I offerred so that today most of my work is with individual clients using Skype or FaceTime which allows me to work with clients all across the US and abroad. Since what I do is grounded in Jungian and Neo-Jungian sensibilities and yet so non-traditional that I no longer refer to myself as a therapist and simply  call what I do  personal growth consulting.


Additional Interest
Birth as the archetype of initiation and transformation process
Ancient Symbol Systems
Use of myth, movies, and fairytales in illuminating psycho-spiritual process faced by all humans
Initiation and the role of transition states in regeneration and reorientation
Psychotherapy as a ritual transformative process
Healing power of nature