Holotropic Breathwork Atlanta

with James Frazier

2020 Schedule

Chicago March 7, 2020

Sedona, AZ
The Path to Conscious Initiation #2

For 2020:
March 13th - 15th
May 15th - 17th
July 24th - 26th
October 2nd - 4th

Milwaukee Year II
April 3-5g
July 10-12
September 11-13
November 14-15
This closed group is sold out.

Tucson Az
Friends of Jung Society Workshop
The Marvelous, Magical, Mature Masculine
April 25, 2020

A Special Four Weekend Series
Meeting on or near the Solstice and Equinox weekends
in the beautiful mountains of North  Georgia

This will be the same participants for all four weekends
In other words, a closed group as we will not add anyone
after the program starts.

  Dates of the Four Weekends 
June 19-21, 2020
Sept 18-20, 2020
Dec 11-13, 2020
Mar 26-28, 2021

Single weekend Breathwork events at Parker Ranch
In Clayton Ga.

May 1-3, 2020. Parker Ranch

Oct 16-18 2020 Parker Ranch

Breathing out the Old
Breathing in the New
A Special New Year's Celebration Breathwork
​Dec. 30- Jan 1, 2021


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Holotropic Breathwork Atlanta
Breathing Out the Old
      Breathing in the New

             A New Years Celebration